Happiest I've Been In A Long Time
So recently I've been talking to this great guy and I think he has the same feelings for me back, based on our conversations. I have no real angst right now and he's making me feel really special at the moment. I'll post more if this lead anywhere. Bye :)

So, one of my cats decided my keyboard looked like a great snack. Now I have no keyboard for my personal computer and have to use our home office computer. It's a pain and my sister will now complain at me for hours on end. I don't really have anything else to say, except that my keyboard died painfully and that angers me. RIP keyboard, you were good while you lasted.

So I downloaded a visual novel last night and of course I stayed up until one thirty or so playing and finishing a part of it. Then my dad woke me up at nine to help him with his math for college. After that I got (meaning forced) to go to a local park for my sister's friend's birthday party. Where I was then forced to play and talk to not one, but two ten year olds because my sister was the of the few that showed up and I got to play babysitter for them basically. We left after two hours to go to my grandmother's house for our usual Sunday dinner/hang-out. Now I have three new roommates in the form of some of my family's cats. They get free run of my room until further notice....Fun. Now one of my OC's (original character for those who don't know what that means) is about to have his heart broken, rather brutally. The other is about to die...again. Currently I'm chatting with my cousin and one of my friends on Skype. I'm contemplating what other visual novels to download (for free, as I have no moneys) So I'm a little tired and I just want to say (if anyone even reads these) if you have a problem that you want to complain about my username on Skype is Rowan or Rowanrules41 if you can't find me there, message me here. And tell me if you want some other posts or something. And it seems I have managed to scare my friend by mentioning my love for crime shows and other related topics.

This day has been /fun/ to say the least :/
First off: I think I'm just going to start writing my days. Some of these may seem kind of angsty or something, but I have my moments of sadness where I feel useless and hated, so it sometimes reflects.
This is going to be my first /actual/ post like thing, some days I may post a story or something, when I'm not feeling crappy like I am now.
Let's just start this thing...
This morning actually started off pretty well. I went to the school's library to look at books, saw my friends in there and said hi to them. Bell rang, so I went off to class. Got to class and it started off fine. Our teacher was going to turn on some show on Netflix for us. Then I decided, against better judgement I guess, to tell my friend,"I know you don't agree, but I like Russell Crowe as Javert." This is when things got bad for me. She almost bit my head off telling me how bad he was as Javert and how someone else was better, and that if I had read the book, I would know this. She then went on to say that she hadn't even gotten halfway through said book, but that's fine because her /mother/ has read it three times, which makes her opinion right, right? She then proceeded to go off on another thing I liked. I got upset because I felt like she was telling me my opinions were wrong. I can't remember exactly what I said next, I think it was something along the lines of,"Well, it's my opinion so shut up." That got her more angry and she told me,"I'm fucking done with you." and told me,"Fuck you." My response was no better, I admit, but I've taken her shit for /months/ on end, and every time it's me that ends up apologizing to her. I've told her multiple times why I don't like people and all my other crap, but she doesn't listen to me. I'm there to listen to her cry and whine. Just like every other person I know. The minute I don't have a use anymore, I'll be left hanging. Getting off topic though. I'm so sick of her. It used to be that I was willing to die to protect her, now? I'm not so sure. The few 'friends' I have I try to protect and let them know I'll be there for them. Unfortunately, I don't feel like they're there for me. This little rant is coming to a close, I guess. Leave a comment if you want, give me advice if you feel like it. Bye, for now.

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see what anybody thinks

Excerpt-Drakon-My most prized possesions are Black-Shimmer,Fire-Cla,and Nettle-Fot.My best friends.Little time left.Practically no time at all.What am I to do? If they were ever hurt I wouldn't be able to live with myself. I ask so much.Too much.And yet not enough.We will lose is I ask too little.They would win.I must ask more.Wait,What? Why am I saying all this to YOU? Who are you? What are you? What do you wa---

soooo what do you think should I write more???

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Writer's Block: High notes
If you could only listen to one music genre for the rest of your life (classical, rock, jazz, etc.), what would you choose, and why?

not really a genre a band i absolutly LOVE Green Day.so Green Day is what i would listen to


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